11 Effective Homemade Pregnancy Test to Check at Home

Introduction: Pregnancy is the happiest moment in women’s life, though it is very tough and full of stress. If there are proper planning’s in pregnancy, it can turn out to be beautiful moments of life. Mostly there are two kinds of pregnancy planned and unplanned. There are lots of pregnancy tests in medical which are costly and chargeable. There is also an option for home pregnancy test which is convenient and free of cost. As mentioned on fogut.com below is some useful pregnancy test which could be performed at home.

  1. Dandelion leaves- One of the effective tests to be performed at home is dandelion leaves test. Take few dandelion leaves, and it should not be an open environment, no contact with sunlight. Water intake must be more before following the process. After taking water, urinate on the leaves, and if the leave color turns red, then pregnancy is positive.
  2. Pine-Sol- This is another pregnancy test using a cleaning agent. Mix fresh urine with the cleaning agent, and if the mixture changes color, pregnancy is positive.
  3. Bleach- This is a reliable method to test pregnancy. Its results are quick compared to other pregnancy tests. In a container, we need to take fresh urine and mix it with bleach if there are fumes formed pregnancy is positive. If no fumes are there means its negative.
  4. Sugar Test- We need to mix one teaspoon of sugar with one teaspoon of fresh urine. If there are lump formation in urine, that means pregnancy is positive and if the sugar dissolves in urine implies pregnancy is negative.
  5. Tooth PasteOne of the effective methods of pregnancy is toothpaste taste, toothpaste should be white. Mix fresh urine with toothpaste and if the mixture turns blue pregnancy is positive.
  6. Vinegar- Another standard method to detect pregnancy. Mix urine and vinegar, and there would be bubble formation. If the mixture changes color, that means pregnancy is positive, and if there are no color changes, it is negative.
  7. Soap- Soaps are readily available in every home. To detect pregnancy, we can use any kinds of soap. We need to take soap; it should be big enough. Pour urine on soap and if there is bubble formation pregnancy is positive, and if there is no bubble formation pregnancy is negative.
  8. Baking soda- To detect pregnancy by baking soda test, we need to mix two teaspoons of baking soda with fresh urine, and if the mixture forms bubble pregnancy is positive and if the combination does not have any bubble formation pregnancy is negative.
  9. Tylenol and peroxide- To detect pregnancy we need to use branded Tylenol which is in the form of capsules and not in the form of liquid. Crush two white tablets of Tylenol and convert it into powder form. Pour peroxide over the powder so that it turns fizzy, then add fresh urine to the mixture of Tylenol and peroxide. If the mixture turns blue, it means pregnancy is positive.
  10. Tuna and vinegar pregnancy test – Take Tuna juice and vinegar in equal quantity in a plastic container. Add a half cup of urine to the mixture, after some time if the mixture turns green it means pregnancy is positive.
  11. Wine Test- This method is one of the reliable methods to detect pregnancy. Take equal quantities of both wine and urine and mix them. After ten minutes if the mixture color changes it means pregnancy is positive.

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 To make the pregnancy test effective we need to avoid some mistakes while performing the test. Always make the usage of fresh urine as it contains HCG levels. Use plastic containers to collect urine samples; also the urine quantity should be sufficient in quantity as the test results would not be effective in small quantity. We need to wait for at least ten to fifteen minutes for the reaction to occur. The test sample should not be shaken or disturbed while performing the pregnancy test.